A Tale of Three Kings: Two Lessons To Inspire Growth in You

Personally I have been working on an area of my life that needs growth, and that is my heart. You might ask: what does the heart have to do with personal growth? I would say everything! Why? Because if I don’t examine my heart toward God, me, and others I will never be able to understand and love God, myself and others more than I am currently doing.

Over the years, I have had really good people who have brought the best out of me and others who have been really annoying. You would say such is life, right? But I always wondered why some people made me happy and others, sad!

Most people would recommend for me to stay away from those who made me sad and cling to those who made me happy. Why? Because life is too short.

But I wanted to know why someone has the power to annoy me and make me really sad. Is it something in me or in them that brings this awkward emotion? Is there something that I am missing? Could I be blind toward certain areas of my life that someone else sees? Are they helping me outgrow some negative vibes am unaware of ? Is there something in my life that is stopping me from achieving my true potential that needs to be cutoff? Were they divinely positioned by God to help me grow? Were they sent to purify and prepare me for my destiny? These and many more questions raced through my mind and in the quest to find answers, a friend and a disciple of Christ recommended a book titled “A Tale of Three Kings”. This book is about three kings: Saul, David, and Absalom. I have not finished reading the book but it has being very impactful and I thought that I should share some of the insights that I have found very helpful to my cause.

  1. The author highlighted three things David learned that prevented him from been hit by Saul’s spear.

    One, never learn anything about the fashionable, easily mastered art of spear throwing. Two, stay out of the company of all spear throwers. And three, keep your mouth tightly closed.

    I think that these three points are so true if you don’t want to be like your adversary but your best self. If you choose to revenge or do to your enemies what they have done to you then you are just like them, David not desiring to be like Saul, chose the hardest way out…he walked away without saying a word!

  2. As time passes, the behavior of your adversary reveals a great deal about him/her. And the passing of time, and the way you react to him/her reveals a great deal about you.

I found the latter part very interesting because it is true. Our reactions are a revelation of our true selves. Do I like my reactions to those who annoy me?

Looking at the story of Saul and David, I believe that God put Saul in his life to help him see how not to be a king in the order of Saul. God used Saul to purge David of any Saulness in him lol.

In conclusion, God might have put certain people in our lives to help us become who we were born to be rather than be influenced by them and become like them. I am now focusing on what has been said and not on the one who said it, if there is any truth in it, I simply change my ways and grow up. If I see a bad attitude and/or attribute in someone, I check myself and if I find that same thing in me I cut it off.

Change takes place in a split second, it is the decision to change that takes forever.

Take a look at all your tormentors and adversaries and ask yourself this simple question: what is God trying to teach me?

I will come back with lessons from the concluding part. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


Author: Bibobra

I am inspired to encourage, inspire change and transform lives.

20 thoughts on “A Tale of Three Kings: Two Lessons To Inspire Growth in You”

  1. Very inspirational. I have been thinking so out of the box since I read this piece. Alot of personal examination and sensitivity to everything and everyone around just started. Lol

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  2. Awesome read! I too, believe that God strategically place some of the very people we find to be annoying an nerve-recon to help us grow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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  3. I really liked when you said it only takes a split second to change and that the decision to change takes really long. Many people has to take into account the possible consequences of a sudden change in one’s character or attitude. There is always a “what of this happens..” kind of thought that comes up. In this case, people tend to weigh the negative outcome more heavily than the positive outcome. I guess you could say that they are the pessimistic bunch. I think, as long as you’re doing good towards your neighbor and loved ones with the change you’re about to make, then that change is simply worth taking.

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  4. Interesting post, sounds like a good read.
    I heard a sermon Sunday that mentioned the overflow of our heart is what will be shown in our relationships with others.

    Imagine a cup full of water. If you put more in it will flow over the sides. The same is with our personality/hearts. If we continue to focus on putting good in then we will overflow good. If we put in other things from people around us that aren’t good, we may have some of that overflow too.

    The Word of God is good and focusing on the Bible will straighten the path of anyone who reads and understands.

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  5. So much indepth Rhema……
    Deep calleth for deep huhh!!!! I loved it. All that dross and ‘saulness’must go for a better (David)me.

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  6. That’s very insightful bro, I enjoyed learning that David learned what not to do from Saul’s behavior. In that way, we can learn how not to behave from observing those around us. I also think it’s neat that David kept his mouth closed most of the time lol. Great job bro!

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  7. This is a very beautiful piece and each and everyone find himself/herself in situations like this but this has really inspired me to see things differently which I am learning currently

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  8. This is a very up-to-date commentary. More than a few seem to be working through these very thoughts at the present time. You’ve put it into words. Bravo!

    It is human to look at certain situations as being caused by tormenters, but these are really our best opportunities for growth. Yahweh is always trying to move us to the next level where we can transcend this world and this reality. How we choose to work our way through these situations instead of getting stuck in them determines the benefit of the training. With every difficulty The Most High has prepared a way through, but it is up to us to tune in, man up, an go forth conquering and to conquer.

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