Focus On Possibilities

“When you focus on problems, you get more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you have more opportunities.”Zig Ziglar

From my experience, this is so true. Such a mindset draws your energy and attention to the problems with a focus on complaining, rather than accepting the realities and chosing to device a response mechanism that is solution oriented.

Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills are things everyone should hone. Life doesn’t get any easier, and if you choose the broad road of whining, complaining, and blaming everyone else but yourself, then you won’t go far.

Accepting that challenges or as I like to call them “character building opportunities” are a part of our journey as human beings will help you embrace them with the mindset of not to shy away but face them head-on.

Decide today to focus all your energy and drive on facing and solving the challenges life has placed on your path, because, they are your growth opportunities. If you dont work it out, no one will, and advancement will only be a dream that cannot be.

Thanks for reading!


Author: Bibobra

I am inspired to encourage, inspire change and transform lives.

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