Explore and Become

Become more

We are powerful beyond measure, created to dominate and conquer everything made by God. He gave us that power and dominion but we limit ourselves to small things and concentrate on a niche in order to fit in and be known for that thing, which is not bad in itself. The question I do have however, is why limit yourself to a small thing or a niche when you can become anything you want to be?

We are creatures of variety and we were made that way from birth. It is alright if you love where you are and what you do but if you are bored and tired of routine and are looking for ways to recreate or reinvent yourself for a more purposeful and happy life, then look no further than yourself. You have all that it takes to press the “RESTART” and “CREATE NEW” buttons, all you need to do is to explore yourself more. What are some of the things you have always wanted to do? what things do you wish you had done? what are some of the things you dream of doing? is that inner person telling you that you are capable of more? do you feel you are restricting or limiting yourself?

The time to explore, reinvent, recreate or restart is ALWAYS RIGHT NOW.


Fly High

The eagle is an extraordinary bird with excellent characteristics. Here are the top 10 life changing ones!

Like the eagle, I encourage you to break boundaries and fly as high as the heavens!

The video below will show you 10 characteristics of an eagle that you could implement and reach your goals.

Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself who would? Well someone might but ultimately is about you believing in yourself! So you have dreams and aspirations and you are waiting for the right time to start? There is no right time, it is always right now.

Just believe in yourself and trust your gut! Go for it, if it works out! wow……You will be happy and fulfilled but if it doesn’t, you will get the experience and perhaps learn something new and try again but this time better.

How to Overcome Addiction of Any Kind

Addiction is something that we all face, whether we are addicted to studying, playing video games, watching movies, smoking, masturbation, telling lies, tearing people down, hate, food etc.

It gets to a point where we become tired of these things but we can’t seem to get out of our own mess! The harder we try the more we find ourselves doing them.

I do think that overcoming addiction is more difficult than we think but it is not impossible. Some of these things cling and become part of our character, and as we know character cannot be effaced easily.

My suggestion would be to think deep and find out where it started from and what triggers it. From there on, you make the decision to control it to the bearest minimum and eventually root it out. It is a process.
What are some of the ways we can overcome Addiction? Share your thoughts