6 Self-Confidence Myths

Bibobra Michael ALABRAH

There are myths everywhere and somehow we cling to these and make them part of our belief system and guess what, they have a profound effect on our decision-making and lifestyle.

The outcome of our lives today is as a result of the many choices we have made in the past, so go through these six myths that might be holding you back from becoming a more confident person and decide for yourself today to debunk them and take giant strikes toward that astute and unshakable confident person you desire.

  1. I wasn’t born with confidence so I can’t be confident. Well that is not true because no one can claim that they were born with high confidence, like speaking, walking, and everything else we have to learn them and become better and even best at doing them.
  2. I was humiliated in the past and my self-confidence was crushed so I am never gonna get it back. Again nothing is further from the truth. That was a one time or two or even uncountable times event but you must not allow failures of the past to deter you from trying again, besides self-confidence is not about achievements.
  3. self-confident people are bossy and arrogant. This is incorrect, on the flip side of things, they are direct and flat-out honest people. They don’t sugarcoat things just to make it look nice and sweet.
  4. self-confident people are perfect at what they do: no one is perfect and self-confident people know this fact, hence, they accept and appreciate themselves and then freely and confidently express their view points with utmost grace, power, and poise.
  5. unless I become rich or have a car and a house, I cannot be confident. I hear this many times when conversing with people. If this is your mindset, then you need a shift in your thought process because your self-worth and self-confidence should not be hinged on things outside of you but inside.
  6. The smart, beautiful, handsome, enlightened, hardworking, and successful people must be confident. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact most people have to wear makeups to look beautiful, try to dress and appear smart, do all the grooming to look handsome, study really hard to get good grades, and work very hard to achieve success because they hope that by doing all these they will become confident. have you ever come across that smart, beautiful/handsome course mate or co-worker who cannot make a clear and succinct presentation of his/her own findings in a board meeting or before course mates for fear of public speaking?

These six myths and many more out there are lies and you must not believe them.

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