Take Action

Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, struggles and victories, bad and good times, ugly and beautiful situations, and the list continues.

The vast majority of the outcome of life is what you do or fail to do, how you choose to respond. You are always taking action because even if you decide not to act, is an action probably in the wrong direction. The question however, is, are your actions propelling you in the direction of your goals and purpose? You see, if you fail to take deliberate actions that produce the results you seek consistently, life will get pretty boring.

If you want to live your best life then you must stand up for what you believe in and act accordingly. Become the change you want to see and act on those things that you are passionate about.

Maybe for you it’s giving encouragement to those who need it, honestly, who doesn’t need to be encouraged?. Or maybe it’s standing up for the oppressed and defenseless. Or maybe it’s tutoring others at school who have a hard time understanding complex materials. Or maybe it’s being there for a friend or family when they need you. Or maybe it’s helping a mission that supports the hungry and/or homeless.

What is that one thing in your community…that you know you can do something about right now?

You are not here by accident, you are a divine orchestration and God made you for a purpose. He has created you to do good things that will enrich your community and by extension, the Earth.

So go out and do something that impacts others positively and watch the effects of the law of reciprocity on your life.

Thank you for reading.