Would You Turn Down The Request of Your Mother?

At the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee, Jesus’ time had not come but at the request of His mother, He performed His first miracle to meet the need of the wedding guests. Click here for the full story.

Just take a brief moment and imagine how you would feel on your astronomically immense day when your best man or chief bridesmaid approaches you in the apex of the celebration that they had run out of food and or drink and some quests had not eaten or had anything to imbibe! Do you sense worry? fear? shame? dishonor? what will people verbally express? knowing that lamentable news travel fastest, I am sure this piece of lamentable incident would have eclipsed the proceedings of the beautiful wedding. No one would talk about how esthetic the wedding dress was or how delicious the food was, or how well the event was organized. My point is, you would be apprehensive about so many things at the time and would do anything to find an expeditious solution. But they did not seem to have anyway around it, hence, the mother of Jesus was approached, I wonder why they did not approach Jesus directly; ostensibly they kenned how arduous it is to turn down the request of a mother!

The place of motherhood is second to none, shout out to all mothers and women in general, you are a gift to humanity. Albeit the time for Jesus to commence His ministry had not come, He could not quash the request of His mother; woman, my time has not yet come, He said! Mothers been who they are was not going to yield just like that for she knew the great need of the hosts. Do whatever he tells you, she said to the disciples.     This is fascinating because though He verbally expressed His time had not yet come, she knew in her heart that He was not going to turn down her request.

Her faith and believe that her son would not ignore her request was rewarded; fill the empty jars with water he said to His disciples. The water was subsequently turned into the finest wine at the feast.

This is an incredible story not just because it involved Jesus and His mother Mary but it showcases the relationship between mother and son as well. For the wedding hosts to go to the mother and place their request in lieu of going directly to Him implied that they  had a very good relationship. There was a bonding and love amongst them and they fathomed that for this reason, the mother’s request was unlikely going to be turned down; and for Jesus to grant her request knowing that His time had not yet come, spoke volume of the respect He had for her.

As a mother, what is your relationship with your children? Can you confidently make a request of your children and believe that they would do anything to grant it?
As children (we are all children because we have parents), just like Jesus, are we disposed to accolade and reverence our mothers? Can they come to us believing that we will not turn down their requests?

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